Pre-Pesach Times

Bedikat Chametz (check for Chametz around your house): Sunday, April 21 after 8:12 PM

Finish eating Chametz: Monday morning, April 22, before 11:08 AM

Burn Chametz: Wednesday, April 22 before 12:14 PM

Pesach Times

Sunday, April 21

Bedikat Chametz (check for the Chametz): after 8:12 PM

Kol Chamirah, declaring unknown Chametz to be null and ownerless, is recited for the first time.
See here for details.

Monday, April 22 - Erev Pesach

Fast of the firstborn

Dawn (first born begin fasting): 5:35 AM

Shacharit: 8:00 AM
Followed by a Siyum - celebrating the completion of a tractate of the Talmud 

Finish eating before: 11:08 AM

Burn Chametz: before 12:14 PM
Burning Chametz at Chabad 12:00pm

Recite the second Kol Chamirah statement, declaring any remaining Chametz, known or unknown, to be null and ownerless.

Yom Tov Candle Lighting: 7:31 PM

Candle-Lighting & Services at Chabad: 7:15pm
Followed by community Seder

Earliest time to begin the first Seder: 8:13 PM

Monday, April 23 - First day of Pesach

Shacharit: 9:45 AM

Minchah & Maariv: 7:30 PM

Candle Lighting (from a pre-existing flame): after 8:25 PM

Earliest time to start the second Seder: after 8:25 PM

Wednesdat, April 24 Pesach Second Day

Shacharit: 9:45 AM

Minchah & Maariv: 7:40 PM

Holiday Ends: 8:25 PM