May 24th, 2020  בס"ד


RE: PHASE 1 Shul Opening Procedures on Friday, May 29


Dear Community Member,

First and foremost, we want to thank you for your patience, understanding and most of all, your support as we were forced to close our doors amid these unprecedented challanging times. We know you understand that our closure was in the best interest of everyone’s health and safety, and that is why we know you will continue that patience and understanding as we reopen under the following VERY STRICT guidelines. Please understand, there will be absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS. We ask you to remember that we are being advised by both Torah and medical authorities in this issue of pkuach nefesh – life threatening situation.


We understand everyone has different opinions and levels of adherence in their homes, however, we ask you to respect the standards that we are setting forth with regards to the safety of the community.

We will be adhering to the following rules for the next 14 days, at which time we will reevaluate and adjust accordingly. If there is even ONE case of Coronavirus in that time, we will be forced to close our doors once again. We implore you to have consideration for others before you act. There are true and severe liabilities (both safety as well as legal) that can result from your actions.


Understand that while we are reopening the shul, this does NOT compel you to attend. Your health is the TOP priority. If you are the least bit uncomfortable being in an enclosed environment with others, you are NOT HALACHICALLY required to attend. Please stay home until you feel comfortable.


With the consultation of medical and rabbinical authorities, here are some of the steps we will be taking to ensure proper and safe hygiene. 


  Upon entry, everyone must wash or sanitize their hands.

  Avoid touching anything unnecessarily.

  Only members of the community can attend. No Visitors

   DO NOT ATTEND if you feel remotely unwell (excessive coughing or sniffling) or if you have been exposed to someone who is a possible Covid carrier. Likewise, if you know you have any underlying health issues that put you at greater risk (obesity, heart disease, liver disease, diabetes, immunocompromised, respiratory issues and so on), we ask you to stay home.


  • Only those that have signed up will be attending to make sure there is enough room for proper social distancing.
  • Services will be taking place outside in the back under the overpass 
  • The chairs have been placed 8’ apart. Only available chairs may be used. Families may sit together.
  • Everyone is asked to remain in their place.
  • There will be no kiddish luncheon following services. A special Shavuot pre-packaged dairy treat (prepared with all necessary health precautions) will be provided.
  • No lingering in the parking lot before or after services. 
  • Everyone MUST use their assigned siddur which will be at their space.  At this juncture, please DO NOT use any other shul seforim (prayer books) or any other property.
  • Everyone MUST TAKE ALL PERSONAL PROPERTY HOME after each service. Anything that is left here will be disposed of. 
  • There will be no kissing of the Torah/mezuzot for the foreseeable future. 
  • Torah reading and Aliyot will take place with the required social distancing. 
  • The shul & outdoor area will be sanitized after each service. 

 We want to stress that we are very grateful to be ablt to gather in these times, however these guidelines must be enforced with your safety as our main concern. Please understand that we would not be able to open at all without enforcing this policy. With Hashem’s help, we hope to change this at the earliest possibility.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding these mandatory guidelines, please do not hesitate to contact us.


As we are approaching the receiving of the Torah where everyone was healed, we wish that everyone stay healthy, well and finds success with all the Shavuot preparations. We look forward to seeing our entire community together in the not too distant future.


With blessings for health and only good news,

Rabbi Kopel & Goldy Silberberg

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, I am available at 954-882-7434.

Executive Director