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Holiday Schedule: 

Saturday June 8th: 

Services: 9:45
Torah Reading: 10:30
Kiddush: 12:00
 Light Candles after 8:51 pm 
Shvous all night learning: starting at 10:30pm at the home of the Silberberg's. (Contact Rabbi Silberberg for address)
Sunday June 9th:
Services: 10:00
Ice Cream Party 11:00
Ten Commandments: 11:30
Followed by Dairy Lunch & Ice Cream Party
There is no charge to attend, sponsors are needed. 
Light Candles after 8:52 pm 
Monday June 10th:
Services 9:45
Yizkor: 11:15
Kiddush 12:00 
Holiday Ends - 8:52 pm